Why Choose Realty Plus?

Maurice Stover

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Realty Plus was created to serve our clients regarding all their real estate needs. However, one day our Broker saw a specific service that was not being adequately addressed in our profession. With this in mind, plus reflecting on the loss of his parents and other loved ones, he decided to retool the company in order to better handle Probate Estate property sales, while still providing regular services to sellers, buyers and investors. 

He understood first hand the many duties that a person was required to handle in managing the affairs of an Estate of a deceased person whether they died intestate, testate or if a living trust was involved. Typically, a real estate agent is trained to secure the listing and is not trained to provide the level of expertise required to properly assist and guide an Executor, Administrator or the deceased family member(s) through the probate process.  

Realty Plus has always been dedicated to continuing education and strengthening its affiliations within the real estate profession and related industries which allows us to stand above our competitors. Our success has never been about the number of sales we make; but, it is about each individual client we can help as we assist in Moving YouForward...!