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The majority of the time, the decedent's house is the largest asset that needs to be properly liquidated. Most estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance. Therefore, when sold, the estate cannot realize the full equity potential of the property and will in fact "give away" part of the potential equity to a buyer. 


In some cases, you will be able to unlock some or all of the potential equity in the property by performing some repairs and upgrades to enhance its marketability.


We help our clients to idenify needed repairs and improvements to enhance their equity possession in the property to help obtain the HIGHEST POSSIBLE SALES PRICE for the estate.

  • Probate Triage: Realty Plus considers this as the starting line for all of our clients. This process allows us to identify the needs of the estate and other possible state requirements.
  • Personal Property: We recommend a  "full service" Estate Sales Company to take inventory of estate items. They will appraise antiques and collectibles; assist with selling the personal property; conduct clean-out of unsold items; and stage property in preparation for listing with our company.
  • Property Enhancement: We will help coordinate repairs and upgrades with your selected  contractors and landscapers to increase the value of the property.
  • Property Access: We will monitor access to the property by REALTORS by installing a secure electronic key box that is compliant with our local MLS to allow showings to buyers'. 
  • Market Value: An appraisal will be ordered once repairs and upgrades have been completed. 
  • MLS Services: The property will be placed in our local Multiple Listing Service and Syndicated Nationwide for thousands of agents, buyers and investors to view.
  • Closing: Finally, the property will be sold at the highest possible sales price so that you can settle the estate. 

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