We Represent Buyers in New Home Construction  

Having us on your side working solely in your best interest is the only way to fully protect your investment. We work for you and the best thing about it is that our commission is paid 100% by the builder. The builder is not going to change the price of the house based on whether or not you have a Realtor. The commission that your Realtor will earn comes out of a builders “marketing budget”, and it doesn't get hidden back into the sales price. The sale consultants who are onsite in there builder model house are very polite and ready to assist you but their main focus is on their company bottom line. We here at Realty Plus don't get paid until after escrow is closed, which assure you that we will be on your side throughout the entire process.

Experience and knowledge counts and that is where our hands on approach stands above our competition. We will be there at the initial viewing, contract writing, independent inspection, pre-drywall inspection, second independent inspection, final walk through and closing. The value we add is by helping our clients balance their wants/price and resell value. Knowing what is a good value from the builder vs. what is better to be done independently.

Remember to ask your agent if they "Specialize in New Construction" and if they are Residential Construction Certified before hiring them. Having the right Realtor on your side can be the difference in you having a wonderful experience versus having an undesirable event because your agent just didn't know. We would be honored to sit down with you to discuss how we can assist you now or in the near future. Give us a call today!!

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